knife display case

Why Your Knife Collection Deserves a Knife Display Case

Whether you’re a hunter, EDC knife collector or just enjoy the artistry behind well-made pocket knives, if you’ve got a growing collection, the big question is where are you storing them? Probably at the bottom of a drawer or stuffed in a shoebox in the back of your closet. That is the sad reality for many an expertly crafted pocket knife…never to see the light of day or be shown off to your mates at poker nights. It doesn’t have to be that way though! Maybe you’ve seen a couple of knife display cases that are too old school or don’t do your collection justice, so you gave up on the idea altogether. But we’ll let you in on a little secret… ready? Ok, here it is… 

The best knife display cases exist… they’re ours! 

We were once just like you…faced with the predicament of needing a safe pocket knife storage solution but nothing fitting the bill. That’s why we designed knife display cases that come close to perfect! The Knife Deck has 4 pillars for your prized pocket knives with an easy-glide drawer that has space for a few more knives. If your collection is more extensive, the Armory has space for 7 pocket knives on the deck and a large drawer for additional storage capacity. 

Both of these knife display cases are crafted from the finest wood materials for a smooth and elegant finish, with a variety of contemporary colors on offer. They are finished off with an acrylic lid that fits snugly atop the platform to safeguard your knife collection. 

Need a little more convincing? Here’s why you need a knife display case… 

Show ‘em off 

If you don’t have an appropriate knife storage case, how will you show them off? While many of the old-school knife display cases are cumbersome and also fully enclosed (defeats the point, right?!) ours has an acrylic lid for a 360-degree view of your beauties. Whip off the lid and you can have a little humble brag at your next boys’ night… queue the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’ The majority of knife collectors don’t have space for a giant knife display case or don’t necessarily want a wall-mounted case, which leaves very few options. A contemporary knife display case will blend in with most decor and make an attractive addition to any sitting room, bedroom or bar area. 

Protect them from dust 

Dust isn’t only an enemy to your watches but to your knife collection as well. There’s nothing worse than picking something up that’s been in a dusty drawer or cupboard only to be greeted by that unpleasant sensory experience of dust that has somehow gone sticky. Gross. This happens when dust mingles with moisture particles or grease, which is easier than you’d imagine. Say your hair gel leaks in the drawer or you spill your glass of water on your nightstand…voila, you have a repulsive dusty concoction coating your beautiful knives. This disturbing experience can be entirely avoided by storing your knives in a knife display case. It provides them with adequate protection against dust, moisture and spills, extending their lifespan and maintaining their value. 

Prevent losing them 

You’d swear some closets are a vortex…you throw stuff in there only for it to never be found again. It’s kind of the same phenomenon as the one-sock-washing-machine saga. Moral of the story is that it’s really easy to misplace and lose track of your belongings if you don’t have a specific place to store them. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours searching for something only to come up empty. Having a dedicated knife display case ensures you always know exactly where your knives are and can be sure you’re not missing any part of your collection. 

Stay organized 

There is something oddly satisfying about seeing all your folding knives neatly lined up in your knife display case. Not only can you easily eye them out and marvel at their artistic appeal, but being organized just makes you feel like you can conquer the day. Clutter and disarray make your brain feel very much like the messy room and focusing can be a challenge. When things are neat and put together, you’ll feel much the same. 


You never want your knives to end up in the wrong hands so leaving them lying around can be all too tempting for a visitor with sticky fingers. When they’re in a knife display case it is not immediately obvious what is in the box so many would assume it’s just a storage box of some kind and not inspect the contents further. However, if you left a pocket knife lying out on your kitchen counter and a burglar picked it up, that leaves you vulnerable. Likewise, if a contractor with a penchant for knicking personal items was in your home, they’d also be none the wiser that your display case actually houses some valuable pocket knives unless you pointed it out. 

If you’ve got kids running around the house, you also don’t want them getting ahold of your knives and accidentally hurting themselves. This makes a knife display case an essential for parents. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, a knife display case provides a safe and aesthetically pleasing home for your knife collection, protecting their longevity and ensuring you don’t end up losing any along the way. A modern and stylish knife display box like ours gives you bragging rights and is compact enough to fit into tight spaces while still providing enough storage capacity to comfortably house your pocket knife collection.