Are you frustrated with your coins getting tarnished or lost because there’s nowhere to store them? Or perhaps you have a coin storage solution that gets the job done but is a bit of an eyesore. Admiring your coin collection should be a joy, not an inconvenience. That’s exactly why we’ve designed our coin display cases to be both stylish and practical...

Constructed with the finest materials and available in a variety of modern colors, our coin cases are designed to show off your valued collection in the best light. Each of our coin holders features tailored slots that cradle each coin securely, keeping them in mint condition. The top is sealed with a high-quality acrylic lid, safeguarding your coins from environmental elements while offering a clear view of your collection from any angle.

Recognizing that collectors often have diverse treasures - from military challenge coins to collector’s items - we've incorporated additional storage with a drawer compartment to provide a neat and accessible coin storage space.

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    Holme & Hadfield’s coin display cases are designed with the safety and preservation of your coins in mind. Unlike hanging displays, which expose coins to potential environmental damage and increased handling risks, our cases provide a secure environment. Each case is equipped with a high-quality acrylic lid that protects the coins from dust and accidental touching. This reduces the risk of tarnishing or physical damage, ensuring your collection remains in pristine condition over time. Hanging coin storage can also fall off the wall, which could lead to losing or damaging coins.

    Proper storage of coins is essential for several reasons: 

    • It protects coins from environmental factors such as dust and direct sunlight, which can cause tarnishing, corrosion, or fading. 
    • Correct storage prevents scratches and physical damage that can occur through handling or improper storage methods. 
    • Well-preserved coins are more likely to retain or increase their value over time, making proper storage a worthwhile investment for collectors.

    Our coin holders are designed to accommodate a wide range of coins, from historical pieces and commemorative coins to military challenge coins. The slots within our display cases are crafted to fit standard coin sizes, ensuring that most coins, whether they are precious metals, ancient, or newly minted commemorative pieces, can be securely displayed and protected.

    No, our coin display cases are not designed to accommodate coins that are already encased in plastic. The slots in our display cases are tailored to hold coins directly, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Coins in plastic cases tend to be too thick for these slots, so we recommend removing coins from plastic cases before placing them in our display cases to maintain the integrity of the collection and the display.

    To clean and care for challenge coins, it's important to handle them carefully and minimize direct contact with the surface of the coins. When necessary, clean the coins with a soft, dry cloth, gently wiping away any dust or fingerprints. Avoid using any harsh chemicals, abrasives, or wet cleaning methods, as these can damage the coin's surface. For tougher stains or to maintain the luster of your challenge coins, consider consulting a professional conservator who specializes in coin preservation to ensure the best care.