Our Mission

Born out of our own desire to do something different with our lives, Holme & Hadfield represents our belief that everyone can run their own race in life, celebrating their unique differences. It is therefore our mission to develop products that provide daily reminders to always be distinct in everything you do and never be afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Brand story

We are Ian and Phil, friends since high school and co-founders of Holme & Hadfield. As a British brand we are proud of our culture and heritage, but we don’t let our roots guide the path we lead. We celebrate individualism and never conform; quintessentially British style meets a contemporary flair. We are the man in the navy suit with the lime green socks.

Our brand brings together our core beliefs and values of following your own path, never being afraid to be unique and striving for continual personal growth. Being cool is standing out from the crowd, not following the crowd. Our philosophy is at the core of every product we produce and in line with our key message to always BE DISTINCT.

Organize your accessories in a whole new way

Give homeless children a place to sleep