Shades of Glory: The Secrets to Keeping Sunglasses Spick & Span

Shades of Glory: The Secrets to Keeping Sunglasses Spick & Span

Right, chaps! Let's talk about sunglasses. We all know they're essential for shielding our peepers from the sun's relentless glare (and looking undeniably debonair, of course). But keeping those shades spick and span? That's a whole different story, isn't it?

Sure, everyone's got the trusty cleaning cloth routine down pat. But it's just as important to keep the scratches away! Today, we're diving deep into the lesser-known secrets to keeping your sunglasses looking like they're fresh outta Sunglasses Hut for years to come.

Sunglasses Care Tips

How Temperature Plays Havoc on Your Sunnies

Believe it or not, temperature is your sunglasses' worst nightmare. Here's why:

  • Heatwave Woes: Leaving your sunglasses languishing on the dashboard under the midday sun is a recipe for disaster. The heat can warp those frames (especially the plastic ones) faster than you can say "blistering bonnet."
  • Chilling Out, a Bit Too Much: Don't even think about storing your sunglasses in a car during winter or shoving them near a frosty air conditioning vent. The brrr-ing cold can make the frames more brittle than a stale digestive biscuit, increasing the risk of cracks.

Invest in a Proper Sunglasses Case

Investing in a top-notch sunglasses case is like hiring a burly bodyguard for your shades. Look for cases crafted from sturdy materials like wood or leather that can withstand a good knock about. A soft lining inside is also a must, acting as cushioning to prevent scratches and dust from wreaking havoc.

Your sunglasses case ensures your prized sunnies live a long and stylish life protecting those peepers. Say it with us: no more tossing my shades around like a forgotten pair of socks!

Taming the Elements 

Now that we've established the importance of a proper case, let's explore some additional care tips to keep your sunglasses looking tip-top:

  • Ocean Hazards Ahoy!: Saltwater and sunglasses are a right old mismatch. After a day at the beach, give your sunglasses a good rinse with fresh water to wash away that salty residue. Don't want your shades looking like they've been dunked in a bag of chips, do you?
  • Chemical Warfare on Your Sunnies?: Chlorine in swimming pools can be quite the menace to your lenses. After a dip, rinse your sunglasses with clean water and avoid using harsh chemicals like cleaning solutions containing alcohol or ammonia. Think of them as the kryptonite of your sunglasses! Opt for a gentle lens cleaning spray specifically formulated for sunglasses – a much better way to keep them sparkling.
  • Sunscreen Shenanigans: Sunscreen can leave greasy marks on your sunglasses, making them look a right state.Use a microfiber cloth (dampened with a touch of water) for gentle cleaning. Steer clear of tissues or paper towels,chaps – those can scratch the lenses worse than a rogue seagull trying to nick your chips!

The Art of Cleaning Your Sunnies

While cleaning cloths are undeniably handy, sometimes your sunglasses need a deeper clean. Here's how to do it like a pro:

  • Warm Water Soak: Prepare a lukewarm water bath with a drop of mild dish soap. Let your sunglasses take a relaxing soak for 5-10 minutes to loosen any dirt and grime. They deserve a bit of pampering after all that sun, don't they?
  • Gentle Does It: Use your fingers (not your fingernails, mind you!) to carefully remove any remaining dirt. 
  • Microfiber Magic: Once you're done, dry your sunglasses thoroughly with a clean, microfiber cloth. These cloths are the bees' knees – lint-free and guaranteed not to scratch your lenses.

Pro Tip: Some sunglasses have fancy coatings that repel water and oil (hydrophobic and oleophobic, if you want to get scientific). Always check the manufacturer's instructions before attempting any deep cleaning heroics, as some solutions might damage these delicate coatings.

Storage Savvy

While a proper sunglasses case is essential, here are some additional storage tips to keep your sunglasses in fighting fit:

  • A Designated Spot is the Name of the Game: Ditch the habit of tossing your sunglasses on any random surface. Dedicate a safe spot at home, like a drawer or a shelf, where your case can rest undisturbed. Think of it like a little sanctuary for your shades, a place where they can relax and recharge after a long day of keeping the sun at bay.
  • Multiple Cases? Organisation is Key: For the sunglass aficionados with a collection that would make James Bond jealous, consider investing in a large sunglasses case (or sunglasses organiser if you will) to consolidate your collection. This nifty display case gives each pair its own space, keeping them separated and preventing those nasty scratches. No more wrestling matches between your aviators and your wayfarers!
  • Travel Considerations: When packing for a jolly good adventure, choose a hard-shell sunglasses case for added protection. You wouldn't want your prized sunnies getting battered and bruised in your luggage, would you? Think of it as a first-class ticket for your shades, ensuring they arrive at your destination looking as sharp as ever.

Bonus Tip: The Clip-On Hero

Consider getting a clip-on sunglasses holder for your car. This little gem keeps your sunglasses readily accessible and minimizes the risk of leaving them behind on the scorching dashboard (a cardinal sin for any true gentleman). No more frantic searches for your shades when you're already running late for your afternoon drinks!

Building Habits for Pristine Sunglasses

Developing good habits can significantly extend the lifespan of your sunglasses - you know what they say; prevention is better than cure. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to keep those shades looking their best:

  • The "Case First" Mentality: Make it a habit to always put your sunglasses back in their case after use. 
  • One-Handed Handling is the Gentleman's Way: Develop the habit of handling your sunglasses with only one hand – preferably by the bridge of the nose. This minimizes the risk of accidentally putting stress on the frames and loosening those hinges. No need to manhandle them like a rugby ball, right?
  • Sunglasses are Not Headwear: Resist the urge to perch your sunglasses on top of your head. Not only can they get tangled in your luscious locks, but it can also stretch out the arms and loosen the fit. 

By following these tips, you can ensure your sunglasses stay looking their best for years to come. Now, go forth and conquer the sunny days!