Father’s Day Gifts Under $200

Top Father’s Day Gifts Under $200

Father’s Day is all about showing your dad or partner how much you appreciate them and letting them know what a great job they’re doing at molding young minds. Picking the perfect gift to do that, however, can get a little stressful. What do you get the man who not only has given you everything but has everything too? Tricky, right? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of some amazing Father’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank and that any dad will absolutely love! 

Watch Box Organizer 

A watch box organizer is a winning gift for almost all dad’s! It’s likely he has a couple of watches and probably doesn’t have a clue where to land them all. So he’s probably got one precariously perched on the bathroom counter, one in his nightstand drawer and one stashed at the back of a closet. This is not ideal because it leaves all his watches exposed to harmful dust particles as well as sun and water damage. Plus, having them lying about means it’s really easy to lose them, a huge loss if they’re luxury timepieces or of sentimental value. 

A watch box makes a great gift for many reasons:

It’s Practical: A watch box for men is a practical gift that any dad will appreciate. It's perfect for organizing his watches and keeping them safe, whether he has a collection of expensive watches or just a few that he wears on a daily basis. Plus, it's a great way to keep track of all his watches in one place so he can easily find the one he wants to wear.

It’s Stylish: Getting your dad a watch box organizer boosts his style cred. It will look great on his dresser or nightstand and it's sure to impress any guests that see it. Plus, it shows him that you care about keeping him on-trend and want to help him keep his watches in tip-top shape.

It’s Affordable: There’s no need to buy a Rolex or designer gear to show dad you care. You can find high-quality wood watch boxes for under $200, making it a great gift idea for anyone on a budget. 

Ok, so where do you find a stylish, well-made watch box for dad? Right here! Check out two of our bestsellers below, for the distinct gentleman. 


The Collector is our ultimate watch box organizer…supersized to provide maximum watch storage space for dads with an extensive collection. Watches are works of art in their own right and they deserve to be displayed with pride so what better way to do that than with The Collector. It can hold up to 7 watches on the upper platform and is enclosed with an acrylic lid for unfettered views of the whole collection while still protecting them from dust. There is additional storage space in the drawer compartment for other accessories which is why this watch box works so well as a nightstand organizer or an addition to a desk. 

Watch Deck Pro 

The Watch Deck is one of the OG Holme and Hadfield watch boxes but we gave her a facelift by adding a hinged acrylic lid. Enter The Watch Deck Pro for easier access to your watch collection. The Watch Deck Pro watch organizer holds 4 watches and other accessories in the drawer compartment. Like all our products, it is well-made, blending minimalist design with functionality. You can choose from a selection of contemporary finishes to suit dad’s style but no matter what color you go for, it will no doubt enhance the space. 

Knife Display Case 

For some men, watches are not a big priority or interest and instead of watches, they collect interesting pocket knives. There is a primitive connection between men and knife collecting, something that awakens a long-forgotten version of mankind who’s perhaps a little rougher around the edges with an instinctive desire to protect and provide. After all, centuries ago, knives were our most basic and important survival tools. 

Whether your dad or partner collects knives out of a primal fascination or they’re simply captivated by the craftsmanship of the knives themselves, a knife display case is a sure way to bring a smile to a knife-collecting-dad’s face. In fact, they make great Father’s Day gifts for a couple of logical reasons: 

  • They're an attractive addition to any room. Display cases come in a variety of styles and can be customized to match his décor. 
  • They protect knives from damage. Dust, dirt, and moisture can all wreak havoc on blades, so it's important to keep them clean and dry. A display case will keep knives looking like new. 
  • They make it easy to find the right knife when it's needed. With everything organized in one place, dad can quickly grab the knife he needs without having to search through a drawer or box. 
  • They're a great conversation starter. Any time someone sees his knife display case, they'll be intrigued and want to know more about the collection. 

With that in mind, here are our top picks: 

Knife Deck 

The Knife Deck was designed to show off impressive knife collections instead of keeping them hidden away in old, dusty wrap-up wallets. When pocket knives are displayed in the Knife Deck, they become talking points and conversation starters. This particular knife display case can hold 4 watches up top and more in the drawer below. Like our watch boxes, the platform is enclosed with an acrylic lid, ensuring that dads pocket knives are on full display. 


The Armory is the upsized version of the Knife Deck, holding up to 30 pocket knives in total, making it a winning gift for serious collectors. The upper deck can hold 7 knives and the generously sized felt-lined drawer can store the rest of his collection. It means even the biggest collections can be stored in one place and their integrity preserved. Dad can easily rotate which knives he displays whenever he chooses with quick and easy access to the full collection, unlike cumbersome wallets or wall-mounted display cases. Life is complicated enough, storing your knife collection should be simple. The Armory knife display case is available in several modern finishes to enhance and complement contemporary interiors. 

The Takeaway 

There are plenty of well-priced Father’s Day gifts out there but if you’re looking for one that’s going to outshine all the rest, take your pick from our dad-approved list. These practical and stylish storage solutions will not only keep him more organized but he’ll use them for years to come. Our products also come really well-packaged, making them perfect for gifting - no wrapping required.