Father's Day Gifts Under $100

Top Father’s Day Gifts Under $100

Father's Day is creeping up on us faster than a Game of Thrones winter and if you love being organized like us, you're probably racking your brain trying to think of the perfect gift for the man who gave you life (no biggie). We’ve scoured the internet for the best Father's Day gifts that won't leave your wallet weeping. So sit back, make a wishlist and get ready to make your dad feel like a million bucks (without spending anywhere near that much). In fact, you won’t need to spend a cent over $100…here’s how. 

For the OCD Dad

If you are lucky to have a dad or partner who actually enjoys organization, then we have just the gift to blow his socks off. A watch box can make a great Father's Day gift for dads who like to stay organized because it provides a convenient and secure place to store and display their watches. 

Many men have a collection of watches that they like to wear for different occasions and a watch box can keep those watches safe, organized, and easily accessible. With a watch box organizer, your dad won't have to worry about misplacing his favorite watch or having it get scratched or damaged. He can also easily see his collection at a glance and choose the perfect watch for any occasion. Additionally, many watch boxes come with multiple compartments and even drawers, which can also be used to store other small accessories like cufflinks, tie clips or rings.

Overall, a watch box can be a thoughtful and practical gift for dads who value organization and want to keep their accessories in top condition.

The Weekender Watch Box 

The Weekender Watch Box Organizer from Holme & Hadfield is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who enjoy being organized. This stylish nightstand organizer features a platform with 2 pillars for his most loved watches with an acrylic lid that works to protect them from harmful dust particles while giving him an unrestricted view. The drawer underneath the deck is perfect for storing other everyday carry accessories like keys, AirPods and jewelry. With this stylish and practical storage solution, dads will be able to keep all their watches and accessories neatly in one place. Plus, the sleek design makes it an attractive addition to any nightstand, dresser or desk. 

The Watch Deck 

If your dad or partner has a growing watch collection, The Watch Deck has 4 pillars to stylishly showcase 4 of his favorite watches. It has the same acrylic lid as The Weekender as well as a drawer with a lot more storage space for accessories. Dads who love to stay organized will get years of use and enjoyment out of this watch box organizer. 

For The Military Dad

Choosing a Father’s Day gift for a veteran dad is an opportunity to show your appreciation for their service and sacrifice. The gift you select should reflect his personality and interests, so what better way to do just that than gifting him with a beautiful challenge coin holder to proudly show off his coins? A challenge coin holder can make an excellent gift for a military dad because it provides a unique and meaningful way to display and protect his challenge coins, which hold significant value and memories for many service members.

Challenge coins are given as tokens of recognition, camaraderie and achievements within the military community and they often hold a lot of sentimental value for the recipient. By giving your military dad a challenge coin holder, you are providing him with a special way to showcase and protect these cherished coins.

A challenge coin holder can also serve as a reminder of his service and sacrifice as well as a conversation starter for visitors to his home. 

The Coin Deck 

The Coin Deck was designed for the veteran with a lot of impressive challenge coins to display and store. This coin display case offers tons of room for coins of all shapes and sizes, plus it’s pretty darn good-looking. In our selection of signature modern wood finishes, the Coin Deck military coin holder has a platform enclosed with an acrylic lid to show off 5 of the coins closest to dad’s heart. The lid will keep the coins protected from dust and ensure none go missing. There is an additional drawer compartment where his remaining coin collection can be neatly stored away for easy access whenever he wants to reminisce or show them off. 

The Podium 

The Podium is a slightly smaller version of the Coin Deck, with space to display 3 challenge coins on the platform. It also has a drawer for additional storage space for coins of all shapes and sizes. Its compact size means it can easily blend into and enhance a room, fitting perfectly on display shelves, desks or coffee tables. The Podium will no doubt bring your military dad many years of enjoyment and use. 

For the Tech Geek Dad

Some dads love getting their hands on the latest gadgets and tech accessories to add to their growing collection that’s probably scattered all over their desks. Whether they work from home or in an office, having a brag-worthy EDC tray to put all their bits and bobs in one place is sure to impress both virtual and real-world colleagues. 

A desk organizer is a great gift for dads who have all the tech accessories and nowhere to store them all. But if you do a quick Google search, you may be less than impressed with your findings. A lot of the desk organizers and phone holders out there are pretty flimsy and often just laser cut in cheap chipboard. That won’t do for dear old dad, his tech accessories deserve the best (and so does he!). Below are our picks for the very best desk organizers and tech accessory holders for men. 

The Hub 

The Hub is for the dad with a large EDC collection that is in desperate need of a neat place to be stored. Say goodbye to untidy charging cables and tech accessories scattered about because The Hub is sure to inspire him to organize his workspace! This roomy desk organizer has a phone holder and a spot for AirPods, making charging up devices a whole lot easier and tidier. It is well-constructed and in a selection of contemporary wood finishes that will complement and enhance dad’s workspace. For additional storage of sunglasses, wallets, cards, keys or USBs, there is a lined area on the upper level and a drawer compartment underneath. 

The Sidekick  

The Sidekick offers dad’s short on space or with a pared back tech accessory collection a stylish and functional storage solution. The Sidekick is a nifty desk organizer that doubles as a phone docking station with a phone holder that can hide messy charging cables away. There is additional storage capacity on the upper level as well as a drawer. Compact in size yet big on practicality, The Sidekick looks good used as a desk organizer or nightstand organizer for men…where he makes use of it is up to him! 

Closing Thoughts

We hope you feel inspired and excited at the prospect of spoiling your dad or partner with something he’ll truly love for less than $100. And we’re quite confident in boldly claiming that we can almost guarantee any one of these suggestions will be his favorite Father’s Day gift ever!

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