Father's Day Gifts Under $50

Top Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

We know it’s early to start talking about Father’s Day but it’ll sneak up on you faster than you can blink. I mean, Christmas feels like it literally just happened yet here we are and we’re already well into the year. So, the point of that ramble is that you can never start planning and getting yourself organized too early. In fact, the sooner you start searching for the perfect gift the less likely you’ll end up in a mad dash to the store 24 hours before and the only thing left is a cheesy mug or soap on a rope. And we hate to break it to you but those probably were not on dads wish list. 

Now let’s talk budget… you don’t have to spend your life savings on a gift that’ll impress the heck outta your dad or partner. In fact, you can find a gift that is both useful and highly coveted by dads the world over, for under $50! Yup, you read that right, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. We’ve put together a handy list of budget Father’s Day gifts under $50 that dads will truly love. 

The Weekender Watch Box

Almost every man owns at least one watch and he’s probably secretly really proud of it, even if he claims he’s not a “watch man.” So whether you need to buy a Fathers Day gift for a dad who’s got everything, a watch crazy dad or a dad who could use a little help staying organized, we know just the right gift! Meet The Weekender, one of our most popular watch display cases that doubles as a nightstand organizer for men. 

This nifty and stylish little watch box packs a real punch with 2 pillars for watches and an easy-pull drawer that can either store another watch or your everyday carry items like AirPods, car keys and rings. If dad tends to leave his things scattered all over the show this nightstand organizer will give him no excuse to not keep it tidy! To top it off, instead of an enclosed lid where you can’t even see any watches, dad can proudly display his timepieces with an acrylic lid that gives a 360-degree view of the platform. 

We’re pretty proud of the expert construction of our watch boxes and have spared no expense when it comes to using quality materials to provide a sturdy and long-lasting watch display case. Our watch boxes come in a range of contemporary finishes to enhance any space. The Weekender is compact enough to fit on floating shelves, a nightstand or on your desk without cluttering the space. We can guarantee you this one will be a hit with all dads. 

While our normal retail price is over $50, we’re giving you an exclusive discount code to bring you this handy watch box for just $49. Use the code GIFTUNDER50 at checkout to apply the discount. Run, don't walk!

The Podium Challenge Coin Holder 

If your dad or partner served in the military, navy or airforce, it’s likely he has a hefty military coin collection stashed somewhere. While they’re probably lying in a shoe box in a closet, they should really be displayed somewhere prominent in the home to proudly honor him for his service. Each challenge coin tells a story of bravery, sacrifice and loyalty and he should have a dedicated place to share those stories with others. 

The Podium is the perfect starting point to giving dad’s coins the glory they deserve, with a deck that has pillars for 3 of his favorite military coins. Enclosed by an acrylic lid, they are protected from harmful dust particles without being blocked from view. There is a drawer to store any additional coins of all shapes and sizes. Our motto for our challenge coin display cases is that you’ve done the collecting, so let our coin holders do the protecting!

Our usual retail price for these is over $50 but we run promos all the time where you can snap up The Podium for less or you can use our discount code when shared above. For veteran dads, this is about the best gift you can give them this Father’s Day. Once he’s had time to organize all his coins, be sure to give him the gift of time too and find out about the story behind each coin. 

More Budget Gift Ideas 

Of course, we’ve gone a step further and have a few more budget Father’s Day gift suggestions for you. 

Craft Beer Subscription - if you’ve got a man who loves knocking back a cold one after a long day, then a craft beer subscription is an absolute winner of a gift! 

Home-Cooked Meal - you know the old saying of how the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… they weren’t lying when they came up with that. If you want to find a way to show him how much you care this Father’s Day, set the table and serve him his favorite home-cooked meal. 

Artisanal Hot Sauce - if dad religiously watches the show Hot Ones or enjoys adding a little extra zing to his meals, getting him a hot sauce selection is a sizzling hot gift idea. You can even shop the original Hot Ones box of sauces to host your very own at-home rendition to spice up Father’s Day. 

Magazine Subscription - there are so many magazines out there that no matter what dad is interested in, you can find a magazine that’ll engross him. From golf to travel, fitness, business and science, there is a wide selection of both digital and hardcopy magazine subscriptions you can order online if you need something last minute. 

Pocket Knife - if your dad or partner doesn’t own a pocket knife, this Fathers Day is the perfect occasion to start growing his collection. You can pick up a really good quality Swiss army knife for under $50 which often offers multifunctional tools like corkscrews and bottle openers too. 

Final Takeaway 

If you’re constrained by budget we hope this has shown you some winning ways you can still spoil dad this Fathers Day. The most important thing to remember when buying a gift for a man is that they are simple creatures - a gift must be functional and useful, then you know it’ll always be appreciated and put to good use! With these ideas in mind hopefully you can skip the undies, socks and jerky this year.