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Why You Should Use a Watch Organizer To Store & Protect Your Watches

If you're a watch collector, you know how important it is to properly store and protect your watches, ideally in a watch box of sorts. Exposing them to the elements can lead to costly repairs or even the complete destruction of the timepiece over prolonged periods of time. That’s your investment down the drain. If watch care is not something you’re too familiar with, we're going to run through all the tips and tricks you need to know to properly store and protect your watches. 

Invest in a Quality Watch Organizer

You wouldn’t think twice about popping your rings onto a ring holder on your nightstand every night, so why shouldn’t your watches get the same VIP treatment? You see, watches are delicate creations at the best of times. They’re often crafted from the likes of gold, silver, bronze or titanium and despite the resilience of these metals, they can still scratch and suffer wear and tear over time. 

As a rule of thumb, watches should be stored in cool and dry environments without direct exposure to sunlight. That’s why your desk or nightstand usually makes the perfect spot to perch a watch organizer that will keep your precious timepieces safe. This brings us to the crux of our first storage tip. Whether you are a new watch collector or have been collecting watches for years already, you undoubtedly need a watch organizer to keep all those beauties safe and sound. 

A watch organizer will keep all your watches dry and clean, safe from dust or any objects that could scratch the patina or straps. Plus they make for a stylish way to proudly display your watch collection…and when you choose right (ahem, Holme and Hadfield) they’re an attractive addition to your nightstand or desk with dual functionality and storage space. 

Avoid the Elements

We touched on it already, but UV damage from the sun can really do a number on your watches. UV light can fade your watch dial and cause the glass on the face to become discolored, degrading its value. 

They should also be kept away from detergents or harsh chemicals that could cause damage to the watch’s surface and mechanism. Moisture is also a problem as it can encourage the growth of mold and mildew or even damage the watch mechanism entirely. So as a general rule, you should never store your watch in the following places: 

  • On a shelf or in a drawer where they can be bumped by other objects or scratched 
  • On the nightstand where it can be knocked off or sprayed with cleaning agents 
  • On a bathroom counter where it can be exposed to humidity and excess moisture 
  • On a windowsill or surface that receives direct sunlight 

That’s why a watch organizer comes in so handy by keeping your watches neatly stored away and fully protected from the elements. 

Travel with Care

If you travel frequently and never do so without your favorite watches, then you’ll want to take special care outside the home as well. While in transit, especially with air travel, watches are subject to a lot of jostling which means added risk of scratches and damage. You will need to purchase a suitable travel-safe watch organizer that has padding or insulation to keep your watches from moving while you’re in transit. 

Display Them With Pride 

If you are passionate about watches, it’s likely that you will be showing off your collection to friends and family at some point. So instead of bringing through an armful of watches that you could drop or damage, keep them all neatly displayed in a stylish watch organizer box that doubles as a watch display case. All Holme and Hadfield’s watch organizers double as display cases with an acrylic lid that gives you a 360 view of your whole collection. 

Keep Your Paperwork Safe 

There is more to proper watch storage than just protecting the integrity of the watches themselves. Your paperwork is equally important, especially if you hope to resell part of your collection down the road. Your authenticity certificate and invoice are also important for insurance purposes should your watch be stolen or damaged in a flood/fire etc. This way you have proof your watches existed if you need to claim compensation. 

Tools & Products for Safeguarding Your Collection

There are a few key tools and products you will need to safeguard your watch collection. First, you will need a good quality watch winder. A watch winder keeps your automatic watches wound and ready to wear, so they are always in top condition. You can find watch winders at most jewelry stores or online.

Next, as we already mentioned but cannot stress enough, you will need a watch organizer or case to store your watches in when they are not being worn. Watches should be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent corrosion or getting damaged. Watch organizers come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your needs and budget.

You will need insurance to protect your watch collection from loss or damage. Many homeowners insurance policies cover jewelry, but it is always a good idea to check with your insurer that your watches fall under this policy, especially if you own big-name brand watches. You can also purchase speciality jewelry insurance for added protection. 

Should your watch need a polish or service, if you really care about your watch collection, skip the DIY job and head straight for the professionals. If you accidentally damage the watch while trying to service or clean it, your insurance may not cover this type of incident and you will end up losing money. 

Final Takeaway 

Watch collectors must take the necessary time and effort to properly store and protect their watches. By following these tips, your favorite watch will be preserved for many years to come. With proper storage and protection measures in place, your watch or watch collection can even increase in value over time as a collectable item.