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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Phone Docking Station In 2024

In 2024, an estimated 6.92 billion people across the world own a smartphone. That means of the entire global population, 86.34% of the population are smartphone users. It has come to a point in time in our modern world where we simply cannot deny that smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives and something of a lifeline when it comes to work. Hence the growing demand for functional phone docking stations. 

Why phone docking stations have become a must-have accessory

In fact, current research shows that almost 2 billion people across the globe only access the internet via their smartphones. So whether you need to make an important call, schedule a Zoom meeting or check your Slack dashboard, it’s likely you’ll be doing most of that from your mobile phone. With your smartphone taking up such a prominent position in your life, surely it deserves one as prominent on your desk? Enter the phone docking station, your must-have desk accessory in 2023. 

A phone docking station provides a stylish way to ensure your phone is always within reach. And when you select one of our phone docking stations, you ensure your device is always charged and ready to go. So before we get into why a phone holder is a non-negotiable accessory, here are our top picks for the best phone docking station of the moment. 

First up, and without a doubt our most popular device organizer, The Sidekick is a sleek and contemporary phone docking station with additional storage space for your favorite watch, AirPods, memory cards and more. 

The Hub delivers the same functionality, however, it is slightly larger and enables you to charge your AirPods. Both EDC organizers come in 2 stylish shades of wood and are the perfect size for your desk or nightstand. 

Now that you’ve got your eye on the best phone docking stations, here’s why we think you really need them in our smartphone-obsessed world. 

1. Phone Holders Make Remote Work Easier 

With 16% of companies embracing fully remote working conditions and 40% adopting a hybrid approach, more people than ever before are working from home. With the privilege of working from home comes a responsibility to prove you are disciplined and dedicated enough to continue working in this way. As such, you need to make sure your phone is easily accessible throughout your work day. The best way to do this is to keep your phone in a phone holder on your desk, right where you are able to see it, so you never miss an important call or message again! 

2. Business Travel 

If you find yourself regularly travelling for work and tossing all your accessories into your backpack, you know how much time you end up spending fishing around for them when you need them. It doesn’t have to be a mission! Keep them neatly stored in an organizer with a phone holder, so that they’re always within reach in your hand luggage. It also protects them from dust and damage while you’re on the move. Plus, if you’ve got a long layover or you’re working in your hotel, you can pop your phone docking station up on your workspace to take video calls or check your emails no matter where you are. Lastly, you can prop your phone up on your tray table on the plane, bus or train to watch those series you’ve got queued up on Netflix. 

3. Create Better Content 

Ever wanted to create content for social media but had no way to prop up your phone? We’ve all been there. You end up piling up anything you can find to keep your phone from falling over but you’re still hitting the double-chin angle. Argh, what to do? Use your phone docking station, of course! You can juice it up with a charge, because we all know how much it sucks for your battery to die out on take 143 when you finally nailed it, and you’ll get a decent angle that won’t have you cringing every time you playback the video. 

4. Easy Video Calls 

Whether you regularly take video calls for your work or you have friends and family abroad you FaceTime with weekly, we all know it can wear those wrists down after a while. And it would look totally lame and unprofessional if you got a hand cramp halfway through the client pitch and sent the phone - and all your meeting guests - flying. Now everybody knows you work in your sweats, even though you had your best button-up on to try fool ‘em all. Fail. Avoid the shame and embarrassment and safely prop that bad boy up on your snazzy phone docking station. 

5. Follow Along Recipes 

If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, you may often want to follow along with a recipe but with your phone on the counter, it can be difficult to keep your place. By propping your mobile up on a phone holder you can easily follow along with a video tutorial or more easily see the instructions. Plus with your phone off the counter, it’s less vulnerable to those inevitable spills and splashes. 

We could keep going but we think you get the general idea. Phone docking stations are there to make your life easier, more organized and neater. So whether you’re working from home, on a business trip or trying out a new recipe, a charging station can make it a breeze to complete your tasks. Be sure to check out our sleek and functional phone holders so you at least also look good navigating your day-to-day.