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9 Nightstand Organizer Ideas To Declutter Your Space

What is it about a nightstand that it becomes a junk magnet? Somehow all your odds and ends find their way onto and into your nightstand turning it into one jumbled mess. You can usually find books, glasses, charging cables, a random old receipt and a smattering of dust on most nightstands… we don’t know about you, but disorganization and clutter are not conducive to a calming sleep environment. In fact, it can cause your stress levels to rise and a feeling of overstimulation. Don’t believe us? Believe science! Studies have found a cluttered and untidy bedroom impacts your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Not a good combo, right?  

So what is the solution? Well, the reality is that it’s time to get organized and banish the clutter for good! We’ve put together some simple fixes for you to create a more organized nightstand that will bring the zen back to your bedroom. 

1. Invest in a Nightstand Organizer 

The first step to creating a neater, tidier nightstand is to invest in a quality nightstand organizer. No, we don’t mean hiring Marie Kondo to tidy up your bedroom. We mean purchasing a functional but stylish nightstand organizer, such as The Hub and The Sidekick, to neatly store all your things. 

Our nightstand organizer for men provides the ultimate nightstand storage solution with a watch pillar on the top deck for displaying your favorite timepieces. There’s also a drawer compartment where you can keep your AirPods, charging cables, keys, rings and any other accessories hidden from sight. 

2. Out With the Old 

Now, while your actual nightstand can be messy, open the drawer and it’s something of a tragedy. Birthday cards, melted chewing gum, a dust bunny so large that it could eat you while you sleep. It’s just vile. But it happens to the best of us. Set a reminder on your phone to do a big chuck out every few months where you throw out all the junk, vacuum and wipe down the drawer and neatly repack it. 

3. Create a Charging Station 

Charging cables can actually create the illusion of a mess and next to your bed you may find there’s already a bunch of other cables that just add to the untidy effect. To keep your charging cables neatly tucked away you should set up a charging station using a nightstand organizer like The Sidekick and The Hub. These have a spot for a watch, your phone and a drawer for storing other tech accessories, kind of serving as a really good-looking and dual-purpose docking station. While the Sidekick only has space for your phone charging cables, The Hub provides an extra spot to plug in your AirPods for the neatest and best-looking nightstand charging station you ever did see.

4. Only Keep the Essentials Out 

It’s really easy to get into the habit of dumping books, water glasses and your vitamin collection on your nightstand, especially if you’re short on space. But that makes it more important than ever to keep the space you do have tidy and organized. Think about what you use daily and only keep that neatly stored in your nightstand organizer (e.g. reading glasses, wedding band, car keys, watch, phone etc.) and pack everything else away in a drawer or cupboard. Less is always more when it comes to your nightstand. 

5. Use Drawer Dividers 

While our nightstand organizers make it easy to keep the surface of your nightstand clutter-free, the inside is another story. Now we’ve already recommended scheduling regular throw-out sessions for your nightstand drawer but how do you banish that junk vortex forever? You can consider buying drawer dividers where you can neatly organize all your other bits and bobs that don’t make the cut to be added to your nightstand organizer. This also makes it really easy to find what you need and you know exactly where to put something back instead of just dumping it. 

6. Use a Bedside Caddy 

If you’re a parent and your nightstand is stacked with diapers, wipes and bottles, then the answer to your woes may be a bedside caddy. Caddies are normally made from felt or canvas and have varying-sized compartments to organize diapers, wipes, lotions and other new-parent potions. A caddy is also helpful if your nightstand doesn’t have a drawer and can act as a companion to your nightstand organizer. 

7. Put Up a Shelf for Books 

If you’re a bookworm and have an extensive collection of hardcopy books that end up piling up on your nightstand, give them a prime spot in the house. Create a reading nook with a bookshelf or floating shelves to keep all your books in one place.  

8. Set Good Habits 

Train yourself to stop using your nightstand as a catch-all for random items. Take the time to find a designated spot for all your things and force yourself to put them back in their correct spot when you’re done with them. This will help you avoid the disorganization and mess that creeps up on you all too quickly. 

9. Dial Back the Decor 

Perhaps you were inspired by HGTV and now find a collection of scented candles, wilted houseplants and a random artsy sculpture on your nightstand. But you really don’t need anything more than your lamp and nightstand organizer on your nightstand. As we mentioned already, clutter leads to an overstimulated brain which is going to be so wired you can kiss those Z’s goodbye. For decorative items, restrict them to your dressing table or put up a floating shelf for all your decor items. 

Final Takeaway 

If you’re tired of the mess and disorganization, a nightstand organizer, ruthless spring clean and some of our organization hacks will ensure your nightstand remains clutter free for the foreseeable future. Not only will you restore some style and elegance to your bedroom but you will also be creating a more calming space to encourage restful sleep. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like an all-round win!