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10 Key Ingredients for Building a Thriving Business

As the co-founders of Holme & Hadfield, we have charted our course through calm and stormy seas alike in the past 4+ years. Reflecting on our adventure of building a six figure business, we've identified 10 key ingredients essential for navigating the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship. Here’s our map to the treasure...

1. Vision

Every great voyage starts with a map and a path to your destination. For us, that map was our vision. It's what pointed us towards the uncharted territories we wanted to explore with our brand. This vision guided us through the darkest nights and the roughest storms, helping us stay the course when it would have been much easier to abandon ship.

2. Grit

The entrepreneurial journey is well known for its unpredictability. Grit has been our anchor, keeping us steadfast in the face of challenges. It's human nature to want to avoid hardship but if that's how you approach entrepreneurship, you're never going to succeed. There were many nights we wondered whether this would work, how we were going to cover our bills. But we decided the only choice we had was to power through - this was our dream and we needed to do whatever it took to make it happen. 

To cultivate tenacity, it’s crucial to view challenges not as roadblocks but as stepping stones. Every misstep, every failure, is a lesson in disguise, teaching you how to navigate smoother seas. Embracing hard times with open arms might sound like a tall order, but it’s in these moments that true growth happens. 

Building grit also involves setting your sights beyond the immediate horizon. Long-term goals keep you going: when things get tough, remind yourself of the bigger picture. Why did you start this in the first place? What are you aiming to achieve? This perspective is a powerful motivator, helping you to persevere when doubts and hardships cloud your path.

Tenacity is fueled by both mental and physical strength. Regularly stepping away from the business to recharge and regroup isn’t a sign of weakness - it’s essential for maintaining your endurance. 

3. Agility

Agility has been our game-changer, allowing us to navigate the ever-changing needs of the market. Whether it's pivoting our product line or adapting our marketing strategies, being agile has ensured that we can catch the wind no matter which way it blows.

4. Leadership

As co-captains of Holme & Hadfield, our leadership sets the tone for the entire team. Leading by example, we've fostered a culture of mutual respect, innovation, and work-life balance. 

5. Team

Our team is our greatest treasure. Each member brings their unique skills to the deck, making Holme & Hadfield more than just a sum of its parts. We’ve learned the importance of assembling a team that shares our vision and passion for the brand. There’s strength in numbers, and a supportive community can be your lifeline in rough waters. 

6. Customer Focus

Our customers are our compass, guiding us through the vast marketplace and helping us find our niche. Understanding their needs and desires has been crucial to our success. We have grown a loyal community who we actively engage with and listen to through every step of the product development phase to ensure we're bringing products to the market our customers actually want.

7. Flexibility

The business world is as fickle. Flexibility in our strategies has allowed us to adjust our strategy quickly, making sure we’re always moving forward, even when the winds change direction unexpectedly. Not every product is going to work and needs will change with time. Being willing to remain flexible and not insist on keeping the status quo has helped us remain relevant and continually improve our product offering. 

8. Financial Wisdom

Financial wisdom has ensured we don’t capsize under the weight of poor decisions. It’s been about managing our resources wisely, ensuring we have enough to weather any storm and capitalize on sunny days. Also, bringing experts on board. While you're a jack of all trades when you're running your own business, delegating important tasks to financial experts can ensure you keep on top of money matters. 

9. Networking

In the vast ocean of entrepreneurship, allies are invaluable. Networking has connected us with some incredible humans – mentors, partners, and customers who’ve shared their own map to success and warned us of what to watch out for on the journey ahead. From Raven the Pirate to some other incredible members of the EDC community, we feel so well-supported and connected.

10. Desk Organizer: Commanding the Voyage

In the midst of this journey, our desks are where we chart our course. A desk organizer helps us keep our spaces organized, allowing us to focus on steering Holme & Hadfield towards success. 

A desk organizer for entrepreneurs

From the early days in our living room to navigating the currents of global markets, these 10 ingredients have been the cornerstone of our journey with Holme & Hadfield thus far.