In 2024, we are taking things to a whole new level and so will be raising investment for the first time to fund the HUGE growth (not to mention the countless product ideas that keep us awake at night!)

We want to come to you, our community, to give you the first option to get involved. We are looking at launching a crowdfunding campaign where you can invest as little as $100, so we're extending a special invitation for you to become one of our earliest investors -

1,000+ customers have joined the waitlist so far!

If you are interested and want more details, drop your name and email below. We'll reach out when we're ready to share more.

Our Vision

Our vision for Holme & Hadfield was clear from the beginning: to share the message with our customers that it's okay to run your own race, and to do so in a way that fulfills you. We create products that not only store and organize your favorite accessories, but display them in a unique way.

100,000+ Happy Customers

Our Mission

We are on a mission to spread the word that is OK to be different and stand out from the crowd.

We are bringing that mission to life by creating unique display cases that are not only a thing of beauty and elevate any room they are in, they provide a daily reminder to be distinct in everything you do. 

As a collector we know it is important to showcase the items that are important to you.

We know that a watch isn’t just something that tells the time, that a coin isn’t just something you collect. There is a story behind every accessory. We want to bring those stories to life with our display cases. 

Inspiring The World

Our products are crafted with the highest level of attention to detail and made from the finest quality materials. We want your unboxing experience, or that of the gift receiver, to be memorable, which is why every product comes with luxury packaging that makes it the perfect gift.

As we've grown, we've remained committed to our mission of developing uniquely designed products that provide daily reminders to be distinct in everything you do.