The Combo Deck | A Modular Watch & Knife Display Case

Created by Holme & Hadfield

An innovative watch and knife case, with customizable pillars to switch up your watch and knife display.

The Combo Deck is a versatile watch and knife display case that lets you interchange the posts to create the display that you desire. With a felt-lined drawer to protect your accessories, an optional vegan leather padding upgrade to rest watches on, and an acrylic cover hinge for easy access. The Combo Deck really makes an EDC enthusiast's dream come true.


You spoke, we listened...

From the moment we launched The Watch Deck and The Knife Deck, the number one request we received from customers was whether we could design a product that combines both of them. Giving you the ability to remove and interchange the pillars, creating your own personalized deck.


The Fixed Locking Mechanism

The interchangeable posts use a fixed locking mechanism to safeguard your knives and accessories. Locking them firmly in place and eliminating any risk of movement or falling.

The Ultimate Display Case for Your Watches & Knives

Until now, you could only display them separately. With its modular design and interchangeable posts, you can now customize your collection however you like. The Combo Deck makes it personal.


The Craftsmanship

The Combo Deck is sturdy, durable, and heavy, so your knives, watches, and EDC items are safe and protected.



Here’s a batch of frequently asked questions you may be wondering yourself: